Building Envelope Inspection

A visible façade inspection is needed on a regular basis in order to properly maintain and preserve a structure’s longevity. Whether it is concrete, block, brick or stucco, the possibilities of concern are all the same. This inspection may be to look for decay, weathering and erosion, moss or algae, or structural damage such as cracking. By flying the building’s exterior in a calculated, measured and precise manner, a 3D map or series of images can be produced to find any possible areas of concern. The reduced safety risk and time savings of inspecting a structure by means of aerial imaging versus previous methods can be astounding. In the example below, over 98,150 square feet of two buildings were examined at the Washington State Capitol in less than 3 hours whereas it would have taken days using other methods.

It is key to understand that you are not just looking for noticeable signs of concern, but to look for changes since the last time the building was examined. This is where a maintenance and asset management program become essential.